Terms and Conditions

You are engaging our services for the purposes of real estate transaction services as set forth in the plans listed here, and per your selection of one of these plans in the intake form. Should your plan include communication with external vendors/clients/professionals, you grant us permission to communicate on your behalf for the specific transaction(s) agreed upon.

You agree to pay the fee as listed for the plan selected in the intake form. All fees are due within 5 days of the transaction concluding. Conclusion of the transaction would include:

  • Settlement of the transaction
  • Cancellation of the transaction

Invoices can be sent directly to the attorney/title company for payment on the settlement sheet for those concluding at settlement.

Should the transaction cancel prior to to settlement, the fee will be due as listed:

  • 0% due if the transaction is cancelled during or before the inspection/due diligence period
  • 50% due if the transaction is cancelled after the inspection/due diligence period

The success of our services relies upon your forthcoming information. We will make every effort possible to obtain the necessary information to perform the services contracted for. If we are unable to retrieve the necessary information needed and therefore are unable to perform the scope of work, we retain the right to cancel the agreement for {the} specific transaction, and a cancellation fee of 50% will be owed within 5 days by you.

You hold final responsibility for all contractual matters including but not limited to: dates, verbiage, negotiations, terminations. Clear View Transactions is here to assist in all areas but is not legally responsible for any professional errors or omissions that could occur in the transaction. You agree to hold Clear View Transactions, and it's members, harmless and will indemnify them, should any suit arise for services provided herein.